A note on Passwords

Very few passwords are actually secure and given time and determination a good hacker will break just about any password in anything from a few second to a week or so.

However, unless you are a major celebrity, world leader, or multi-millionaire, expert hackers are not really that interested in hacking your account.

However, most people still leave themselves open to potential trouble by reusing passwords again and again and choosing simple to guess passwords.

But we all have tens or hundreds of passwords so how can you use a secure “ish” password for each site and still remember them later.

One way to improve your current security is to choose 4 or 5 random words such as:

booklet – orvile – innovate – ashtray – banana

When you need a password just choose two of the words say orvile and booklet and add two or three numbers like 295 and a special character like ^ giving you a password of orvilebooklet295^. You can also use capital letters to further improve security, so the password ends up looking like Orvilebooklet295^.

You can write this down to remember it as o_b_295^ or O_b_295^.

NEVER write the actual words down, just the first letter and an underscore, followed by the number and special character.

NEVER write down your username (which is generally your email adddress anyway)

Although not 100% secure, this method will at least give you better security than just using the same password all the time and you can write it down.

It’s easy to remember your special 5 words and it’s much better than keep using “Pa55word” all the time.